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Business with Saral Nova
POS System

Experience the ultimate convenience with our all-in-one POS system - designed to simplify your sales, inventory, and billing management!

Perform with Certainty

Maximize your business potential and operate with unwavering confidence using the powerful capabilities of our all-in-one POS system.

Optimize Workflows

Focus on your core objectives and transform your business efficiency to accelerate growth with our powerful tools.

Cloud-based POS

Revolutionize your business operations and take control of your sales with our advanced cloud-based POS system.

One platform
many operations

SaralNova streamlines business operations with a single software platform for sales, inventory, accounting, and customer relationships, increasing efficiency and accuracy while saving time and money.

Improved reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into your business, and enhanced communication and collaboration across teams break down silos for better performance.

Gain a competitive edge and revolutionize your business with SaralNova for better customer experiences and success.

See the difference it can make for your business

Manage Brands
With SARALNOVA POS System, you can easily manage and maintain the identity and reputation of your various brands, helping you to stay consistent with your marketing strategies.
Manage Tax rate and Tax Group
SARALNOVA POS System allows you to easily set and manage tax rates and groups, making it simple to calculate and collect taxes for your business.
Manage User, Customers, Suppliers
The SARALNOVA POS System provides you with the ability to manage your users, customers, and suppliers in a single, easy-to-use platform, helping you to stay organized and connected with your stakeholders.
Manage Products list and details
Keep track of your product offerings and their corresponding details, including prices, descriptions, and images with SARALNOVA POS System's intuitive product management tools.
Manage Stock
The SARALNOVA POS System allows you to monitor and track inventory levels, helping you to avoid stockouts and optimize your supply chain for better business outcomes.
Manage Inventory System
Simplify your inventory management with SARALNOVA POS System's advanced inventory system, which lets you monitor stock levels, record transactions, and generate reports with ease.

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